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First of all, I really want to thank some of my followers who made time to leave down their thoughts about their opinion on this blog. All your encouragements gave me strength to go ahead, fight for my dreams and never give up. You really made my day, guys! Thank you for your support! As about today’s post I want to share with you another set of photos from holiday, some of them revealing the beauty of the amazing Durdle…

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In today’s post I’ll tell you a true story about a fascinating place, a place I’ve only imagined in my dreams: Durdle Door and its surroundings. When I first saw some pictures on the internet revealing the beauty of this area, I instantly fell in love! So without too much thinking we decided to visit it, all the time having a great feeling about this trip. Before getting there we had to stop in Weymouth, a beautiful town located near the…

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Broadway, Cotswold

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After some weeks spent only in my home town I decided it was about time to explore other places so Broadway was a good pick. As usual my darling joined me so I haven`t traveled alone which is a good thing. It`s amazing having a dear person near ready to get involved in all of my projects, sustain, encourage and motivate me. He`s such a blessing! We arrived in Broadway at noon and it was the perfect time to catch…

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