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Whenever I have to come up with an outfit for the blog, I love to choose a favourite clothing item and build a look around it, always asking myself: “What do my readers gain from this post?” And when it comes to this, I truly wish each post to be an inspiration for others and always try to focus on creating practical, chic attires. This time, the ruffled denim skirt (find a similar one HERE) steals the show in today’s…

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this one first on social media

The hardest-working piece in my closet, the classic hoodie, became lately my top sartorial choice every time I needed a casual, relaxed look and for times when I had the feeling I got nothing to throw on (we all have these moments, right?). I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of hooded tops in the past and couldn’t possibly imagine myself wearing one. But then I started to understand that there’s no denying their practical appeal ever since I…

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When it comes to formal dress wear I kind of don’t have anything to throw on, except for this elegant pleated skirt I bought last autumn on sale. Since then, it has become my fail-safe piece whenever I need to attend a sophisticated event that requires a strict dress code, plus it’s extremely easy to style. A staple that shouldn’t miss from any wardrobe, the evening skirt is definitely worth the investment especially because the wedding season is getting closer now…

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Writing a new post after so much time off feels really good. This year I decided to take blogging more seriously as it brings me so much happiness and fulfillment. Even though I work a full time job, that won’t stop me to carry on with this project I started almost two years ago. It’s true I didn’t give it so much importance in the past due to some setbacks I encountered but what really matters is the fact that…

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Cold shoulder


As you might already know by now, I’m the kind of person who loves bold colours and prints when it comes to personal style. Therefore, today’s look has definitely a bit of everything: romantic florals, feminine shades and bespoke accessories. The reason why I came up with this outfit is also because I wanted to show you a fun and chic way to wear the off-the shoulder top, my current favourite piece. The high-street brands as well as the high-end ones came up with…

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When it comes to dressing I always go for clothes that make me feel happy and chic, not necessarily following certain trends or rules. I find the idea of putting together sartorial pieces that usually wouldn’t go together very creative because fashion should be all about feeling confident and having a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, today’s attire is a bit different choosing to wear a feminine midi skirt with my favourite slogan tee and matching mules. Purpose…

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