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March 2017


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The hardest-working piece in my closet, the classic hoodie, became lately my top sartorial choice every time I needed a casual, relaxed look and for times when I had the feeling I got nothing to throw on (we all have these moments, right?). I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of hooded tops in the past and couldn’t possibly imagine myself wearing one. But then I started to understand that there’s no denying their practical appeal ever since I…

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When it comes to formal dress wear I kind of don’t have anything to throw on, except for this elegant pleated skirt I bought last autumn on sale. Since then, it has become my fail-safe piece whenever I need to attend a sophisticated event that requires a strict dress code, plus it’s extremely easy to style. A staple that shouldn’t miss from any wardrobe, the evening skirt is definitely worth the investment especially because the wedding season is getting closer now…

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