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Whenever I have to come up with an outfit for the blog, I love to choose a favourite clothing item and build a look around it, always asking myself: “What do my readers gain from this post?” And when it comes to this, I truly wish each post to be an inspiration for others and always try to focus on creating practical, chic attires.

This time, the ruffled denim skirt (find a similar one HERE) steals the show in today’s post, paired with a basic tee and textured platforms. Its asymmetric silhouette featuring frayed edges, oversized ruffles and tie fastening at the side gives the look a modern spin. It is surely not just a basic casual staple but a covetable piece perfect for the summer ahead.

When it comes to styling, on colder days I usually sport it with a biker jacket and a roll neck underneath or a neutral cashmere jumper that complements the stonewashed denim. I mentioned this as the London weather isn’t too friendly lately. When we shot this outfit it was a different situation and I was actually able to wear short-sleeves and summer shoes. In this case, a white logo tee emblazoned with a strong message is a perfect fit when worn with denim, finishing the look with a touch of red accessories and matching oversized earrings.

With love, Andreea R.

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Photography: Rob Anderman

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