Broadway, Cotswold

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After some weeks spent only in my home town I decided it was about time to explore other places so Broadway was a good pick. As usual my darling joined me so I haven`t traveled alone which is a good thing. It`s amazing having a dear person near ready to get involved in all of my projects, sustain, encourage and motivate me. He`s such a blessing!

We arrived in Broadway at noon and it was the perfect time to catch a glimpse of town`s vibe on a sunny day.  The restaurants were abundant in customers taking their lunch on the terrace while others were strolling around the town walking their pets, doing some shopping, riding bikes or exploring the town. Definitely we belonged to the last category starting with a walk on the main street that was filled with restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, clothing and souvenirs stores.

Actually Broadway is a small and historical place, the architecture and the way it`s built is pretty similar to Chipping Campden. While exploring it I tried to catch those little details that made a difference like the amazing chestnuts which stood tall guarding the town, the beautiful roses and flowers in bloom, the narrow paths leading to some unknown places, the red phone boxes , the hedgerows painted wonderfully in green, some old cottages that really took my breath away… We also passed by St. Michael & All Angels church located in a peaceful place along with other charming houses hidden behind the green bushes and got to bump into a nice recreation ground.

After a few hours spent in Broadway we got back home happy and joyful, keeping in mind all the significant places captured by camera ( not all of them unfortunately ) but mostly having the chance to visit another side of the amazing England. We have lots of travelling plans ahead but every trip will have its right time. Until the next one, I encourage you to take your time for travelling, exploring, capturing every moment and make good memories.

As about my outfit I chose something chic and casual, perfect for a day out. The ripped jeans from Choies were definitely a must pairing them with a comfy knitted blouse, black boots, an animal print clutch and my favourite watch.

With love, Andreea R.

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