In today’s post I’ll tell you a true story about a fascinating place, a place I’ve only imagined in my dreams: Durdle Door and its surroundings. When I first saw some pictures on the internet revealing the beauty of this area, I instantly fell in love! So without too much thinking we decided to visit it, all the time having a great feeling about this trip.

Before getting there we had to stop in Weymouth, a beautiful town located near the seaside. It offers you pleasant walks on the beach, breathtaking views, tasty food (we tried fish & chips), lots of ice cream, coffee shops, old buildings with outstanding architecture and I shall not forget about the presence of the seagulls. Some photos we took over there are already posted on my Facebook page so fell free to check them out.

We left Weymouth behind and headed straight to Durdle Door Holiday Park. As soon as we got out of the car we found ourselves on a countryside hill from where we had a good view of the sea that seemed to touch the sky. We noticed plenty of paths leading all the way down to the beach and believe me it needs energy, a good attitude and ambition to get over there. We preffered to take the shortcut and that meant  following a steep path and then some steps down to Durdle Door beach but it was all worth it! This famous geological wonder, with its massive rock arch took our breath away! I stood speechless for a couple of minutes trying to figure it out if this spectacular landscape is real. And it was indeed as I could hear the sound of the waves tossed by the wind along with the call of the seagulls as soon as we took a walk on the beach… Half an hour later I found myself bare feet making my way through the cold waves as they were washing the shore. There was something magical about this place, I just loved everything about it! The best view of the arch was definitely the one seen from the top of the rocky hills that guarded the beach!

As about my outfit I decided to go casual styling my favourite dungarees with a white blouse and metallic accessories. A pair of sunglasses couldn’t miss from the outfit and I really need to mention how much I love their frame, colour and shape.

But that is not all because I still have many photos to share with you that’s why I was thinking to come up with a second story about this amazing place and others we visited during that week. I hope you enjoyed this post! Have an amazing weekend ahead dears!

With love, Andreea R.

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