First of all, I really want to thank some of my followers who made time to leave down their thoughts about their opinion on this blog. All your encouragements gave me strength to go ahead, fight for my dreams and never give up. You really made my day, guys! Thank you for your support!

As about today’s post I want to share with you another set of photos from holiday, some of them revealing the beauty of the amazing Durdle Door beach, which was my favourite spot out of all the places we visited. And I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen many pics, especially on my Facebook page, but there was something special about it that took my breath away!

There are some photos unpublished that capture another stunning place I would like to tell you about: Old Harry Rocks. Before getting there we had to follow a narrow path that took us through wonderful forests and then suddenly the landscape changed being replaced by green fields. I remember we walked more than 30 minutes but it was all worth it for the road led to one of the most incredible hotspots I’ve ever seen: blue waters almost touching the sky in the distance while the sun was spreading its rays upon the Isle of Purbeck.  As we were standing on the top of the hill that was overlooking the three chalk formations, we enjoyed a spectacular view of the sea dotted with ships. I couldn’t take my eyes off the impressive rocks painted in green and white while the seagulls were patrolling the area, it was extremely scenic! We couldn’t get too close though for it wasn’t safe but I will definitely get back one day and make it a longer stay. I really hope the four representative photos are revealing a part of the beauty that surrounded us on that day because sometimes it’s so difficult to put into words all the feelings you can get by admiring the nature in its splendor…

As about my outfit, I kept it casual wearing a pair of black shorts and white blouse paired with comfy sandals. And I must say that this little bag was my traveler companion during the whole trip, I just find it so chic!

I am so glad I’ve been able to share with you photos, stories and thoughts from memorable places I’ve visited. And I also feel this is a good reason to encourage you to explore the world, look for amazing spots you can go to, feed your souls with happiness as traveling, in one sentence: write your own travel diary!

With love, Andreea R.












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