In today’s post I want to share with you my favourite hair products which made my hair look full of volume again despite the fact it was lacking body. Once I got to use these amazing products from John Frieda it quickly became more voluminous, healthier and thicker. I am honestly so amazed how this subtle change boosted my appearance, therefore I decided to let you know about my top must-haves I started to use on a regular basis when it comes to personal hair care.

First of all, I shampoo and condition my hair using John Frieda 7 Day Volume in order to give my hair a natural-looking volume. I find the conditioner kind of important as it detangles the strands for a naturally soft feel and adds volume. While the hair is still wet I apply John Frieda In-Shower Treatment focusing on roots and under sections. For better results I leave it like that up to 5 minutes and then rinse properly, allowing 2 washes before the next treatment.  I really have to mention how much I love this product for it really works, rebuilding my flat hair with fullness and thickening the strands after every use.  Then I finish the whole process by spraying the roots with john Frieda Blow Dry Lotion while the hair is still damp and after that I let it dry naturally. This product is also amazing because it impressively lifts the roots in order to create extra volume and leaves the hair fabulous!

These hard-working essentials instantly give hair a statement look full of volume and make it ready for styling, creating a modern glamour that you could easily mistake it for a salon finish. I long said goodbye to dull, thin and dry hair because now it got restored by applying the right hair products! Just try them for yourselves in order to make an impact, enjoy their revolutionary results and keep a great attitude while your hair is looking its best!

With love, Andreea R.



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