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That wonderful time of the year when it is all about spending time with your loved ones and offering them gifts is here. I always get excited about these moments when I manage to bring joy and put a smile on their faces for holidays. But it is not always easy to go for the right gifts and usually it takes time, a lot of thinking and energy to find the perfect ones. Especially if it comes to your family members,  best friends or partner, the whole process becomes even more difficult as you want to give them something unique, valuable, unforgettable. Which is why in today’s post I want to come up with an amazing gift option you can’t go wrong with.

These being said, the brand I want to introduce you to is JORD WATCHES - a company that designs a variety of hand-crafted wood timepieces for both men (shop here) and women (shop here) with a focus on high quality, timeless designs and sustainability. What is truly appealing is that the watches are made of natural wooden materials in various colours and sapphire crystal glass that makes them not just authentic but also easy to wear. There is also an incredible attention given to details from the way they are packed (the beautifully crafted wooden box  includes a set of caring tools) to the irresistible craftsmanship of each style (the hand-made wooden strap definitely stands out). In addition, JORD WATCHES offers a personalized engraving service for each range. Also, the good news is that you can redeem a holiday coupon that will make your shopping experience even better, just in time for the holidays. Basically, all you have to do is to click here in order to receive an instant 25% off gift code.

Personally, I went for the styled called KOSSO & GRAY which is part of the Hyde collection (click here if you want to buy this watch). It presents a hand finished strap made of a natural wood  and a sapphire crystal glass along with other characteristics such as the splash-proof feature, metal tipped hands, deployment buckle with push buttons and a precision quartz movement. The mix of golden brown and light silver accents definitely wins style points while its minimalist design speaks of timeless elegance and uniqueness.

I still remember the thrill and enjoyment I felt when my JORD WATCH arrived at home. From the moment I looked at the exquisite wooden box engraved with the brand’s initial, I knew I had to expect nothing but a lovely surprise. And so it was: the watch turned out to be everything I hoped for in terms of quality, design and innovation. For today’s post, I styled my KOSSO watch with denim jeans, a printed elegant shirt and a winter coat, adding a pair of black sunglasses to complete the look.


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